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Through this website, patients who come to any of our facilities can print their results from their own home or another site where they have the internet facility and a printer.

Online portal specifically for doctors, to provide the best service to our patients and be more efficient every day with more technological advances.

All our active clients through SARAWEB can download their results online. Each Clinical Laboratory will be assigned a username and password so they can access our server to print their results.


Request Laboratory Home Services


We do paternity tests through tissue or blood. Test totally confidential and reliable.

Taking care of your family health

The Doctor's Reference Laboratory is under the PR Clinical Reference Laboratory, LLC Corporation. which in turn handles St. Thomas Clinical Reference Laboratory, LLC. with the main purpose of integrating the Virgin Islands as a local facility and thus be able to expand our service capabilities in the near future as business alternatives.

Contact our facility and we will assist you with the highest availability you deserve. You can see the location, send an email or contact us by phone.

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